Welcome to Epworth United Methodist Chapel

Visit us: 3317 St Lukes Lane, Baltimore, MD 21207
Phone: 410.944.1070



We believe God calls us, in this present day, to accomplish great things in the name of Christ. In light of this, our mission statement is:


We are called to make disciples and make a difference in our community and the world.



Likewise, we believe that God’s vision – God’s preferred future for Epworth Chapel involves that church making an even greater impact in the years to come.  In light of this, we affirm the following vision statement:


We are a Christ – centered church that seeks to make disciples and make a difference for the transformation of the world.



As a church, our values and beliefs stand at the core of all that we are, all that we do, and all that we seek to become as the people of God.  We affirm the following nine core values:

Hospitality – Everyone we encounter receives radical hospitality, a friendly and open welcome and is treated as full participants in the body of Christ.

Excellence – We strive to offer God our best in all that we do.

Prayer – Public, private and communal prayer are central to all that we do.

Family-focused – We affirm and support the building of strong families.

Nurturing – We are committed to supporting and encouraging each other and providing opportunities for all persons to grow as disciples.

Diversity – We believe that there is strength in welcoming and accepting persons of all ages, genders, abilities, orientations, identities and nationalities – God’s people- into the church family.

Justice – We are committed to a vision of society where every individual has equal access to the resources, opportunities, benefits and protections that societies offer and where every individual is physically and psychologically safe and secure.