Welcome to Epworth United Methodist Chapel

Visit us: 3317 St Lukes Lane, Baltimore, MD 21207
Phone: 410.944.1070

Worship & Faith Celebration Team

To seek to glorify God in our worship services through music, dance, prayer, preaching and teaching. Read More



Discipleship & Faith Development Team

To give God’s people the opportunities to study the Word of God in a way that will transform... Read More



Evangelism & Faith Sharing Team

To all we meet, we lift up Christ by offering to others our joy in being disciples by our prayers to whomever we meet... Read More



Mission, Outreach and Faith in Action Team

Epworth is a church that honors its responsibility to cultivate our relationship in the community and the world! Read More



Fellowship and Faith Connecting Team

We strive to show Christian love and care in how we respond to the human joys and hurts of God’s people... Read More